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We know that there are many questions that people have before embarking on their voyage and below we have tried to answer most of them but if by chance you need to know anything else please contact our sales team on 0871 666 1933.
 What does my cruise price include?
 Your cruise includes shipboard accommodations, meals, and most entertainment aboard the vessel.
 What does my cruise price not include?
 Your cruise price does not include organized shore excursions, alcoholic beverages or carbonated soft drinks, photographs, gratuities, spa and beauty treatments, medical services, casino expenditures or other miscellaneous items you may purchase on board.(unless all inclusive cruise)
 What is the difference between an outside and an inside cabin?
 An outside cabin or "Ocean view" will have a window or porthole. An inside or "No View" cabin will have artwork or draperies on the walls.
 Should I buy travel insurance?
 We recommend the purchase of travel insurance. In life we never know what is going to happen. Trip insurance will cover you if you have to cancel due to injury, sickness, or death to you, a travelling companion, or family member. It does not cover unstable, pre-existing medical conditions. It will also cover you should something happen to you medically on your trip. If you cancel your vacation for a covered reason, or incur medical expenses while on your trip, you would need to pay these fees in advance and then file a claim for reimbursement. If you have specific questions about the insurance and its coverage, please contact our After Sales Dept on 0871 666 1933
 Are cruise itineraries subject to change?
 Yes, all cruise itineraries are subject to change. Guest safety is the number one priority for the cruise lines. On rare occasions, weather conditions and other unforeseen circumstances require a change in itinerary. In these situations, the cruise line staff will do everything in their power to visit an alternate port of call.
 When can I board the ship?
 Embarkation normally begins approximately 4 hours prior to departure.
 What about my medication?
 Please carry any medication in its original bottle. It is recommended that medications be carried in your pocket or purse so that they will be available when needed. Checked luggage may not be accessible at all times. If you're using any prescription drugs, vitamins, or other medication on a regular basis, you should bring an adequate supply since they may not be readily available either aboard the ship or in ports of call. Commonly used medications may be purchased at the office of the ship's doctor.
 What about electrical appliances?
 Electric razors and hair dryers can be brought with you. Staterooms for most cruise lines are equipped with 110 and/or 220 volts AC and are capable of handling all normal appliances. Depending on the ship, you may need a plug adapter.
 Can I park at the port?
 There is parking at the major ports. The exact rates and style of parking vary. You may want to check with your cruise advisor.
 How do I get to the ship?
 If you have flights arranged through the cruise line you will be met by a representative from the cruise line*. They will meet you by the baggage claim and escort you to the transfer shuttle that goes from the airport to the port and back again after the cruise. Most cruise lines offer these for an additional cost to passengers who have arranged their own flights. * Arrangements for Tailormade packages may differ - ask a cruise consultant for details when making your booking
 Can I bring visitors on the ship?
 For safety and security reasons, no visitors are allowed on board.
 How do I pay for onboard purchases?
 For your convenience, you may charge most of your purchases on board. An account will be set up for you when you board the ship and purchases will be billed automatically to your credit card that you register prior to embarkation. If you do not have a credit card you may use a cash deposit ranging from $100 for the week to $100 per day depending on the cruise line you are sailing on. Traveller's cheques may be cashed at the Purser's Desk to cover gratuities and can be used to pay off your onboard account if you do not wish to have the charges applied to your credit card.
 What are the tipping guidelines?
 The following guidelines are suggestions only. Please remember to recognize outstanding service. Waiters and cabin stewards $3.00 per passenger per day Assistant Waiters $1.50 per passenger per day Head Waiters $2.50 per passenger per day A 15% gratuity is added to all bar and wine checks. Some cruise lines allow gratuities to be pre-paid before you set sail. Ask your cruise consultant for details when booking your holiday.
 What are my dining options?
 Most cruise lines offer two seatings for the main dining room: Main Seating and Late Seating. Dining preferences may be requested at the time of the booking, but no requests are guaranteed. Your seating and table assignment will be confirmed at embarkation. Either seating will allow you to see all shows and experience everything your cruise has to offer. As an alternative to traditional seatings, some cruise lines now offer "freestyle" dining. This option provides guests with the flexibility to dine when they wish. You may also choose your dinner companions and request specific table sites rather than being assigned to a particular time and table for the duration of the cruise. For your convenience, in addition to breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midnight buffets, many ships also offer complimentary room service. Low-fat and vegetarian entrees are often available at lunch and dinner.
 Can I get special meals on board?
 Low-sodium meals and certain other diet-restricted meals will be available. Dietary requests should be made at the time of booking.
 What if I am celebrating my birthday/anniversary?
 If you wish to celebrate an anniversary or birthday on the ship, we can add that to your reservation in advance or you can let the maitre'd know. The cruise lines love to celebrate with you.
 What is an assembly drill, and do I have to go?
 These are commonly referred to as lifeboat drills. Everyone on board the ship is required to be in attendance for a compulsory safety drill before departure to comply with Coast Guard and international safety regulations.
 Do I have to participate in the cruise line's organized activities?
 On a cruise it is your choice. You do what you want. You can do it all or relax by the pool.
 Do cruise lines have activities for kids?
 Families are booking more and more cruises. Most cruise lines have supervised activities for kids like swimming, sports, movies, and games. The cruise staff will keep the little ones busy so you can enjoy your cruise worry-free. Some children may be too young to participate in certain programs. Some cruise cruise lines are better suited for families please contact diamond cruises for the best information.
 What is there to do in the Evenings?
 The evenings are just as exciting as the days. From the casinos, to the nightclub, to the entertainment, to passenger talent shows, there is always something going on and if you are a real night owl you may even get to see a sunrise at sea.
 Can we stay in touch with home?
 Quite easily in this day of modern technology. Most ships have televisions in the rooms plus a daily newsletter with headlines. There are either phones in the rooms or you can have the ship's radio operator contact the mainland for you. Also many ships even have fax capabilities and internet lounges. There are charges to contact the mainland in any form. Please check with the purser to find out exact amounts. Most mobile telephones will work whilst in port or ashore, please check with your service provider regarding charges and reception coverage.
 Are the casinos and shops open all day?
 They are open while you are at sea, however, shops and the casino will remain closed while the ship is in port.
 How will I know what activities are happening aboard the ship?
 Your cabin steward will leave a news update in your stateroom which will provide a schedule of events for the following day. This update will tell you where and when everything is happening.
 How do I pay for purchases in port?
 Most shops accept major credit cards and traveller's cheques. Some ships and ports of call have Cash Machines; however, they may not always be in service and fees are involved. It is not always necessary to convert your money in advance.
 What's there to do in port?
 There are lots to do depending on your preference. Each port of call offers a unique experience. You can explore on your own, book the cruise line's organised shore excursions, go shopping, relax at the beach or take in some historical sites. There is truly something for everyone.
 Do I have to get off of the ship at each port of call?
 Absolutely not! You can relax at the pool or participate in one of the cruise line's organized activities. You can do anything you wish.
 What do I need to know regarding the embarkation and disembarkation processes?
 Your cruise experience begins as soon as you board the ship. It takes about an hour to have your documents checked and processed, get your onboard account card, and line up for boarding.
 How much luggage can I bring?
 On cruises sailing from and returning from Southampton, you can take as much luggage as you wish – but remember you will have to be able to fit it in your cabin. On fly cruises the luggage restriction is usually be between 20 – 25Kgs depending on the Airline. Flights to the US operate a Two Piece System of luggage allowance, where excess baggage is charged per piece (maximum 30kg per bag) ask at the time of booking for full details.
 Will ships accommodate disabled cruisers?
 Most cruise lines accommodate disabled passengers and have lifts with good access to the decks and public areas. Disabled cabins are also available on most ships (subject to availability). You will need to advise us of any requirements you may have at time of booking.
 Can I arrange a Cruise and Stay Holiday?
 Many of the cruise companies offer special packages that will allow you to combine your cruise with a stay in a land based resort or city. Cumbria Cruises offer our own Tailor-Made packages built specifically for our clients
 When is my Balance Payment due?
 Your balance is due 12 weeks prior to departure, please check your Cumbria Cruises confirmation documents for exact date and ammount. Full world cruises and Tailormade packages require the balance 15 weeks before departure.
 Do I need Travel Insurance?
 It is a condition stated in many carriers’ contracts that all passengers must be covered by adequate travel insurance for the full duration of their cruise. Diamond Cruises travel insurance is provided by JLT Risk Sollutions and is underwritten by Europ Assistance Insurance Limited. Quotes for Travel Insurance are available at time of booking from your Cruise Consultant, alternatively you can contact our After Sales Department on 0871 666 1933. You are free to arrange your own Travel Insurance, if you wish to do so you must let Cumbria Cruises know the details as soon as you have them available.
 Visa, Travel and Health Information
 We would strongly advise visiting the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Web site Click Here for all the latest travel, health and Visa information if you are travelling to a destination outside the EU. It is especially important to check in plenty of time if you are visiting any country for which inocculations are recommended or required. You can also check with your GP regarding inoculations. Please note it is your responsibility to obtain visas, and to make sure you have a full British Citizenship Passport with at least six months validity from date of return
 Can I pre-book Airport and Port Parking?
 Car Parking can be booked at all Airports and most Ports, you can request this at time of booking or alternatively contact our After Sales Department on 0871 666 1933
 Can I pre-book an Airport Lounge?
 Airport lounges can be booked at most UK Airports, please contact our After Sales Department on 0871 666 1933 for assistance
 Can I arrange Car Hire?
 Car hire can be arranged by calling our After Sales Department on 0871 666 1933
 Any other questions
 If you have any other questions please email us at sales@diamondcruises.com or contact our After Sales Department on 0871 666 1933.